OEM Acer Aspire 5050 5500 Battery

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Voltage: 11.1V(Compatible with 10.8V)
Capacity: 4400mAh
Color: black

Compatible Part #:

3UR18650Y-2-QC261 AK.006BT.017 BATEFL50L6C40
BATEFL50L6C48 BATEFL50L9C72 BT.00603.006
BT.00603.010 BT.00604.001 BT.00604.004
BT.00604.012 BT.00903.007 CGR-B/6H5
LC.BTP00.001 LC.BTP01.006 LIP6220QUPC SY6

Compatible Models:
For Acer

Aspire 3054WXCi Aspire 3682NWXC Aspire 3030
Aspire 3683WXMi Aspire 3684WXCi Aspire 3030
Aspire 360x Aspire 3610 Aspire 361x
Aspire 303x Aspire 3200 Aspire 32xx
Aspire 3600 Aspire 3680 Aspire 3684NWXMi
Aspire 3050 Series Aspire 3680 Series Aspire 3682WXMi
Aspire 5052ANWXMi Aspire 5052NWXMi Aspire 5053NWXMi
Aspire 5053WXMi Aspire 5570AWXC Aspire 5572AWXMi
Aspire 5573ZWXMi Aspire 5575ZNWXMi Aspire 5583NWXMi
Aspire 5583WXMi Aspire 5584WXMi Aspire 5585WXMi
Aspire 5050 Series Aspire 5570 Series Aspire 5580 Series
Aspire 5500 Aspire 557x Aspire 5580
Aspire 558x Aspire 5051ANWXMi Aspire 5051AWXC
Aspire 5051AWXMi Aspire 555x Aspire 5570
Aspire 5030 Aspire 503x Aspire 5500
Aspire 550x Aspire 5550 TravelMate 2480-2196
TravelMate 2480-2698 TravelMate 2480-2968 TravelMate 2480 Series
TravelMate 2482WXMi TravelMate 2483WXMi TravelMate 2484WXMi
TravelMate 3242NWXMi TravelMate 3260 Series TravelMate 3260WXMi
TravelMate 3261AWXM TravelMate 3262 TravelMate 3262WXMi
TravelMate 3270-6569 TravelMate 3270 Series TravelMate 3273WXMi
TravelMate 3274WXMi TravelMate 323x TravelMate 2400
TravelMate 24xx TravelMate 3210 TravelMate 3230
TravelMate 321x TravelMate 3220 TravelMate 322x
TravelMate 4310 Extensa 2400 Extensa 2480

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