HP 19.5V 7.7A 150W Adapter (7.4*5.0MM)

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100% Brand New AC Adapter 12 months warranty Excellent service and 100% satisfaction Package: 1* AC Adapter & 1* AC Power Cable

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Input: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz
Output: 19.5V 7.7A 150W
Connector Size: 7.4mm x 5.0mm
Color: Black
Status: Brand New, 100% Compatible
Warranty: 12 Months Warranty

Compatible with Part Number:
HP 462603-001
HP 462603-003
HP 463954-001
HP 463954-021
HP 497288-001
HP 519333-001
HP 519333-002
HP 519333-003
HP 585010-001
HP 600081-001
HP 608429-001
HP 608429-002
HP 609919-001
HP 609943-001
HP 613156-001
HP 645509-002
HP 646212-001
HP 677763-001
HP 677763-002
HP 677763-003
HP 681058-001
HP 681058-002
HP 681058-003
HP 693707-001
HP 697317-001
HP 734275-001
HP 737737-001
HP 849652-001
HP 849652-002
HP 849652-003
HP A1501A3B1
HP A150A00AL
HP A150A00CL
HP A150A01CH
HP A150A02CL
HP A150A03CH
HP A150A05AL
HP A150A05AL
HP A150A05DL
HP HP-A1501A3B1
HP PA-1151-03HH
HP PA-1151-03HQ
HP PA-1151-03HR
HP PA-1151-03HS
HP PA-1151-03HV
HP PA-1151-09HA

Compatible with Laptop Models:
HP 200-5110 All-in-One
HP 200-5120 All-in-One
HP 200-5130 All-in-One
HP 200-5200 All-in-One
HP Envy 20-d000 TouchSmart All-in-One
HP Envy 20-d000cn TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d001cn TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d001la TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d003la TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d005d TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d006d TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d010 TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d010la TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d010t TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d011 TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d013w TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d028d TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d030 TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d030d TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d030xt TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d034 TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d035hk TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d038d TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d045hk TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d080jp TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d090 TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d094 TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d100 TouchSmart All-in-One
HP Envy 20-d100cn TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d106d TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d113w TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d117c TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d127c TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d130cn TouchSmart
HP Envy 20-d180jp TouchSmart
HP ENVY 20-d200 TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d100 TouchSmart All-in-One
HP Envy 23-d100ec TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d100ee TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d100el TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d100ep TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d100er TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d100es TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d100et TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d100tw TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d101ec TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d101el TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d101er TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d101es TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d102er TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d103er TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d104er TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d105ef TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d105er TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d107ef TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d107er TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d108ef TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d110a TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d110ed TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d110ee TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d110ef TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d110eu TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d110fb TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d112a TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d112eb TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d113a TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d114eb TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d114eo TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d115la TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d116a TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d117a TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d117eo TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d119 TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d120d TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d120ea TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d120ed TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d120ee TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d120eg TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d120ek TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d120ev TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d124eo TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d129 TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d130ea TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d130ef TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d130et TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d131 TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d135ea TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d139 TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d140t TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d145ez TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d150 TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d150cn TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d150er TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d150xt TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d151er TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d160ef TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d160ej TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d160ez TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d160qd TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d170cn TouchSmart
HP Envy 23-d180ea TouchSmart
HP ENVY 23-o000
HP Envy 24-n000
HP ENVY 24-n000 Touch
HP ENVY 24-n100 Touch
HP ENVY 24-n200 Touch
HP ENVY Recline 23-k000 TouchSmart
HP ENVY Recline 23-k001hk 23-K001A
HP ENVY Recline 23-k005d 23-k006d
HP ENVY Recline 23-k007d 23-k000ee
HP ENVY Recline 23-k010ee 23-k010
HP ENVY Recline 23-k010qd 23-k011
HP ENVY Recline 23-k019 23-k027c
HP ENVY Recline 23-k030 23-k039
HP ENVY Recline 23-k040ea 23-k080ea
HP ENVY Recline 23-k100 TouchSmart
HP ENVY Recline 23-k100xt
HP ENVY Recline 23-k200
HP ENVY Recline 23-k300 Touch
HP ENVY Recline 23-k300 TouchSmart
HP ENVY Recline 23-k400 TouchSmart
HP ENVY Recline 23-m100 Touch
HP ENVY Recline 23-m100 TouchSmart
HP ENVY Recline 23-m100 TouchSmart
HP ENVY Recline 23-m113w 23-m120
HP ENVY Recline 23-m200 TouchSmart
HP ENVY Recline 23-m210qd 23-m120ea
HP ENVY Recline 27-k000 TouchSmart
HP ENVY Recline 27-k000 TouchSmart
HP ENVY Recline 27-k001a 27-k002d
HP ENVY Recline 27-k003d 27-k004d
HP ENVY Recline 27-k004ep 27-k040ea
HP ENVY Recline 27-k010ee 27-k009
HP ENVY Recline 27-k041 27-k050
HP ENVY Recline 27-k050xt
HP ENVY Recline 27-k100 TouchSmart
HP ENVY Recline 27-k100 TouchSmart
HP ENVY Recline 27-k200 TouchSmart
HP ENVY Recline 27-k300 Touch
HP ENVY Recline 27-k300 TouchSmart
HP ENVY Recline 27-k400 TouchSmart
HP ENVY Recline Pro 27
HP ENVY Touch 27-k000
HP ENVY TouchSmart 23se
HP ENVY TouchSmart 23se-d300
HP ENVY TouchSmart 23se-d309
HP ENVY TouchSmart 23se-d394
HP Omni 100-6100
HP Omni 200-5300
HP Omni 200-5400
HP Omni 220-1000
HP Omni 220-1100
HP Omni 220-1200
HP Pavilion 20-b300
HP Pavilion 20-b400
HP Pavilion 20-f200 TouchSmart All-in-One PC
HP Pavilion 20-f215d
HP Pavilion 20-f218d TouchSmart All-in-One PC
HP Pavilion 20-f230z
HP Pavilion 20-f234 TouchSmart All-in-One PC
HP Pavilion 20-f400 TouchSmart
HP Pavilion 21-a100
HP Pavilion 21-a200
HP Pavilion 23-1000
HP Pavilion 23-b100
HP Pavilion 23-b100cn
HP Pavilion 23-b100ec
HP Pavilion 23-b100ed
HP Pavilion 23-b100el
HP Pavilion 23-b100er
HP Pavilion 23-b100in
HP Pavilion 23-b101cn
HP Pavilion 23-b101cx
HP Pavilion 23-b101el
HP Pavilion 23-b101er
HP Pavilion 23-b102cn
HP Pavilion 23-b102er
HP Pavilion 23-b102es
HP Pavilion 23-b103er
HP Pavilion 23-b103es
HP Pavilion 23-b104er
HP Pavilion 23-b104ez
HP Pavilion 23-b105er
HP Pavilion 23-b109eb
HP Pavilion 23-b109ef
HP Pavilion 23-b110a
HP Pavilion 23-b110ea
HP Pavilion 23-b110ed
HP Pavilion 23-b110ef
HP Pavilion 23-b110eg
HP Pavilion 23-b110eq
HP Pavilion 23-b110eu
HP Pavilion 23-b110ez
HP Pavilion 23-b110fb
HP Pavilion 23-b111a
HP Pavilion 23-b112ef
HP Pavilion 23-b112eo
HP Pavilion 23-b115ea
HP Pavilion 23-b115ef
HP Pavilion 23-b117ef
HP Pavilion 23-b119
HP Pavilion 23-b119ef
HP Pavilion 23-b120ek
HP Pavilion 23-b120ev
HP Pavilion 23-b120l
HP Pavilion 23-b125d
HP Pavilion 23-b125ef
HP Pavilion 23-b126cn
HP Pavilion 23-b127cn
HP Pavilion 23-b130ea
HP Pavilion 23-b130ef
HP Pavilion 23-b130ez
HP Pavilion 23-b130z
HP Pavilion 23-b135z
HP Pavilion 23-b140xt
HP Pavilion 23-b145xt
HP Pavilion 23-b150er
HP Pavilion 23-b151er
HP Pavilion 23-b153er
HP Pavilion 23-b154er
HP Pavilion 23-b160ef
HP Pavilion 23-b190ea All-in-One Desktop PC
HP Pavilion 23-b200 Serie
HP Pavilion 23-b201er
HP Pavilion 23-b203er
HP Pavilion 23-b210ez
HP Pavilion 23-b210hk
HP Pavilion 23-b219c
HP Pavilion 23-b220er
HP Pavilion 23-b220l
HP Pavilion 23-b222ea
HP Pavilion 23-b225d
HP Pavilion 23-b230ea
HP Pavilion 23-b230er
HP Pavilion 23-b231
HP Pavilion 23-b232
HP Pavilion 23-b237c
HP Pavilion 23-b239
HP Pavilion 23-b240xt
HP Pavilion 23-b240xt
HP Pavilion 23-b241
HP Pavilion 23-b244
HP Pavilion 23-b250ez
HP Pavilion 23-b251cn
HP Pavilion 23-b300
HP Pavilion 23-b400
HP Pavilion 23-g200
HP Pavilion 23-g300
HP Pavilion Touch 20-f300
HP Pavilion TouchSmart 20-f300
HP ProOne 496 G3
HP Spectre ONE 23-e000
HP Spectre ONE 23-e200
HP ZBook 15 Base Model Mobile Workstation
HP ZBook 15 F2P51UT i5-4330M
HP ZBook 15 F2P51UT i7-4600M
HP ZBook 15 F2P51UT i7-4700MQ
HP ZBook 15 F2P51UT i7-4800MQ
HP ZBook 15 F2P51UT i7-4900MQ
HP ZBook 15 F2P52UT i5-4330M
HP ZBook 15 F2P52UT i7-4600M
HP ZBook 15 F2P52UT i7-4700MQ
HP ZBook 15 F2P52UT i7-4800MQ
HP ZBook 15 F2P52UT i7-4900MQ
HP ZBook 15 F2P55UT i5-4330M
HP ZBook 15 F2P55UT i7-4600M
HP ZBook 15 F2P55UT i7-4700MQ
HP ZBook 15 F2P55UT i7-4800MQ
HP ZBook 15 F2P55UT i7-4900MQ
HP ZBook 15 F2P56UT i5-4330M
HP ZBook 15 F2P56UT i7-4600M
HP ZBook 15 F2P56UT i7-4700MQ
HP ZBook 15 F2P56UT i7-4800MQ
HP ZBook 15 F2P56UT i7-4900MQ
HP ZBook 15 G2 Mobile Workstation
HP ZBook 15 Mobile Workstation
HP ZBook 15 Mobile Workstation ENERGY STAR
HP ZBook 17 Base Model Mobile Workstation
HP ZBook 17 F1J74UT i5-4300M
HP ZBook 17 F1J74UT i5-4330M
HP ZBook 17 F1J74UT i7-4600M
HP ZBook 17 F1J74UT i7-4700MQ
HP ZBook 17 F1J74UT i7-4800MQ
HP ZBook 17 F1J74UT i7-4930MX
HP ZBook 17 F2P72UT i5-4300M
HP ZBook 17 F2P72UT i5-4330M
HP ZBook 17 F2P72UT i7-4600M
HP ZBook 17 F2P72UT i7-4700MQ
HP ZBook 17 F2P72UT i7-4800MQ
HP ZBook 17 F2P72UT i7-4930MX
HP ZBook 17 F2P73UT i5-4300M
HP ZBook 17 F2P73UT i5-4330M
HP ZBook 17 F2P73UT i7-4600M
HP ZBook 17 F2P73UT i7-4700MQ
HP ZBook 17 F2P73UT i7-4800MQ
HP ZBook 17 F2P73UT i7-4930MX
HP ZBook 17 F2P74UT i5-4300M
HP ZBook 17 F2P74UT i5-4330M
HP ZBook 17 F2P74UT i7-4600M
HP ZBook 17 F2P74UT i7-4700MQ
HP ZBook 17 F2P74UT i7-4800MQ
HP ZBook 17 F2P74UT i7-4930MX
HP ZBook 17 F2P75UT i5-4300M
HP ZBook 17 F2P75UT i5-4330M
HP ZBook 17 F2P75UT i7-4600M
HP ZBook 17 F2P75UT i7-4700MQ
HP ZBook 17 F2P75UT i7-4800MQ
HP ZBook 17 F2P75UT i7-4930MX
HP ZBook 17 G2 Mobile Workstation
HP ZBook 17 Mobile Workstation
HP ZBook 17 Mobile Workstation ENERGY STAR
And Many Other Laptop Models

Auckland Up to 25KG – $5.
North Island Up to 10KG – $15.
South Island Up to 5KG – $15 & Up to 10KG – $25.
National Wide Up to 2KG – $8.5

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