HP DV3000 /S Keyboard

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HP Pavilion dv3000 Series: 
dv3000 FE079PA (dv3026TX), dv3000 KC099AV, dv3000 KR139AS (dv3005XX),
dv3000 KS361PA (dv3001TX), dv3000 KS362PA (dv3002TX), dv3000 KS363PA (dv3003TX),
dv3000 KS364PA (dv3004TX), dv3000 KS365PA (dv3005TX), dv3000 KS366PA (dv3006TX),
dv3000 KS385PA (dv3007TX), dv3000 KT177PA (dv3008TX), dv3000 KT215PA (dv3009TX),
dv3000 KT216PA (dv3010TX), dv3000 KT217PA (dv3011TX), dv3000 KT237PA (dv3012TX),
dv3000 KT254PA (dv3013TX), dv3000 KU812PA (dv3015TX), dv3000 KU813PA (dv3016TX),
dv3000 KU814PA (dv3017TX), dv3000 KU815PA (dv3018TX), dv3000 KU825PA (dv3019TX),
dv3000 KU828PA (dv3020TX), dv3000 KU829PA (dv3021TX)
HP Pavilion dv3500 Series:
dv3500, dv3510nr

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