Hp 11.1v 4400mah B2000 battery 6 cells

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Compatible Models:


LG M1 Series
M1-3DGAG, M1-3DGBG, M1-3DGCG, M1-3DGDG, M1-5277V1, M1-5DGEG, M1-G222A, M1-G3C3A, M1-J001A9, M1-J2ABV1, M1-J2NGV1, M1-J2YKV, M1-JDGAG, M1-JDGFG, M1-M2FTV1, M1 Express Dual, M1 Pro Express Dual


LG P1 Series
P1-5001A9, P1-5002A9 P1-52A7A, P1-52JJV1, P1-52SBV1, P1-J001A9, P1-J003A9, P1-J004A9, P1-J101A, P1-J102A, P1-J24PV1, P1-J2A8A, P1-J2CJV1, P1-J2MXV1, P1-J2PAV1, P1-J2RRV1, P1-J2SDF, P1-J7P1A, P1-JDGAG, P1-JDGBG, P1-JDGCG, P1-JDGDG, P1-JDGFG, P1-JDGGG, P1-KPRAG, P1-KPRBG, P1-P282F, P1-P2LCF, P1 Express Dual, P1 Pro Express Dual


LG W1 Series
W1-D2RLV1, W1-D2STV1, W1-J2DTV1, W1-J2HDV1, W1-J334F, W1-JDGAG, W1-JDGBG, W1-KBRAG, W1-KPCAG, W1-KPCBG, W1-KPCCG, W1-KPD1A, W1-KPRAG, W1 Pro Express Dual, W1-D2RLV1


LG LM40 Series


LG LM50 Series


LG LM60 Series
LM60, LM60-3B5C1, LM60-CBJA, LM60 Expres


LG LM70 Series
LM70, LM70 Express, LM70-QKXA


LG LS45 Series


LG LS50 Series


LG LS55 Series
LS55, LS55-1EFA, LS55-1GJA, LS55 Express


LG LS70 Series
LS70, LS70 Express


LG LS75 Series
LS75 , LS75 Express


LG LW40 Series
LW40 , LW40 Express


LG LW60 Series
LW60, LW60-B3M44A, LW60-BAJA, LW60-D2JA, LW60-DBJA, LW60 Express, LW60-QCMA


LG LW65 Series
LW65, LW65 Express


LG LW70 Series
LW70, LW70 Express, LW70-QJMA, LW70-QLZA


LG LW75 Series
LW75 , LW75 Express


LG R1 Series
R1 Pro Express Dual, R1-C001A9, R1-C002A9


LG R400 Series
R400-EP23A3, R400-MP22A3, R400-5222A3, R400-52HGP1


LG R405 Series
R405, R405-G.CBB1A9, R405-G.CPB1A9, R405-G.CPBSA9, R405-S.CPCBG, R405-S.CPCDG, R405-GB02A9, R405-GP01A9, R405-SPCAG


LG RD400 Series


LG S1 Series
S1 Express Dual, S1 Pro Express Dual


LG T1 Series
T1 Express Dual


LG V1 Series


LG LE50 Serie

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