OEM HP Pavilion 14 15 TouchSmart 248 340 350 LA04 Battery

Product Code: BATHP024

Code: BATHP024

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Replaces the following original products:

728460-001 728461-001 752237-001 776622-001 F3B96AA F3B96AA-ABB HSTNN-DB5M HSTNN-IB6R HSTNN-UB5M HSTNN-UB5N HSTNN-Y5BV HSTNN-YB5M J1V00AA LA04 LAO4 LA04041-CL LA04041DF-CL LA04DF TPN-Q129 TPN-Q130 TPN-Q131 TPN-Q132

Compatible with the following models:

HP 1000 1000-1403LA HP 248 G1 HP 340 G1 HP PAVILION 14-N000 14-N000EJ 14-N000SA 14-N000SC 14-N001AX 14-N001TU 14-N001TX 14-N002AX 14-N002TU 14-N002TX 14-N003EJ 14-N003LA 14-N003TX 14-N004AX 14-N004TU 14-N005AX 14-N005LA 14-N005TU 14-N005TX 14-N006AX 14-N007AX 14-N007LA 14-N007TU 14-N008TU 14-N009AX 14-N009LA 14-N009TU 14-N010AX 14-N010BR 14-N010SX 14-N011EX 14-N011SX 14-N012AU 14-N012AX 14-N012EO 14-N013AX 14-N013LA 14-N013TU 14-N014EE 14-N014SE 14-N014TU 14-N015TU 14-N016EO 14-N016TX 14-N017TU 14-N018TU 14-N020BR 14-N020LA 14-N020TU 14-N021LA 14-N021TU 14-N022TX 14-N024TU 14-N024TX 14-N025TX 14-N026LA 14-N027TX 14-N028LA 14-N028TU 14-N028TX 14-N029LA 14-N029TX 14-N030BR 14-N030LA 14-N030TX 14-N031TX 14-N035TX 14-N036LA 14-N036TX 14-N037TX 14-N038TX 14-N040BR 14-N040EF 14-N040TX 14-N041SF 14-N042TU 14-N043TU 14-N044TU 14-N045TU 14-N046TU 14-N047TU 14-N048TU 14-N049TU 14-N050BR 14-N053TU 14-N054TU 14-N055TX 14-N059TX 14-N060TX 14-N061TX 14-N063TX 14-N064CA 14-N065TX 14-N066TX 14-N067TX 14-N073TX 14-N074TX 14-N075TX 14-N076TX HP PAVILION 14-N200 14-N200EJ 14-N200SF 14-N201AX 14-N201ST 14-N201TU 14-N201TX 14-N202AX 14-N202LA 14-N202SS 14-N202TX 14-N203LA 14-N203SP 14-N203SX 14-N203TU 14-N204AX 14-N204EJ 14-N204NR 14-N204SP 14-N205AX 14-N206AX 14-N206TX 14-N207AX 14-N207LA 14-N207TX 14-N208AX 14-N208TX 14-N209AX 14-N209LA 14-N210TU 14-N210TX 14-N211SX 14-N211TU 14-N212TU 14-N212TX 14-N213TU 14-N213TX 14-N214TU 14-N214TX 14-N215TU 14-N215TX 14-N216TU 14-N216TX 14-N217TU 14-N217TX 14-N218TU 14-N218TX 14-N219TU 14-N219TX 14-N220LA 14-N220SW 14-N220TU 14-N221TU 14-N222TU 14-N223TU 14-N224TU 14-N224TX 14-N225TU 14-N225TX 14-N226TU 14-N226TX 14-N227TU 14-N227TX 14-N228TU 14-N229TU 14-N230LA 14-N230TU 14-N231TU 14-N231TX 14-N232TU 14-N233TU 14-N233TX 14-N234TU 14-N235TU 14-N235TX 14-N236TU 14-N236TX 14-N237TU 14-N237TX 14-N238TU 14-N238TX 14-N239TU 14-N239TX 14-N240LA 14-N240TU 14-N240TX 14-N241TU 14-N241TX 14-N242TX 14-N243TX 14-N244TX 14-N245TX 14-N246TX 14-N248NF 14-N248TX 14-N249NF 14-N250EO 14-N250TX 14-N251TX 14-N252TX 14-N253TX 14-N254TX 14-N255TX 14-N257TX 14-N258TX 14-N260TX 14-N261TX 14-N262TX 14-N263TX 14-N264TX 14-N265TX 14-N266TX 14-N267TX 14-N268TX 14-N269TX 14-N270TX 14-N271TX 14-N272TX 14-N273TX 14-N274TX 14-N275TX 14-N276TX 14-N277TX 14-N278TX 14-N279TX 14-N280TX 14-N281TX 14-N282TX 14-N283TX 14-N284TX 14-N285TX 14-N286TX 14-N287TX 14-N288TX 14-N289TX 14-N290TX 14-N291TX 14-N292TX 14-N293TX 14-N294TX 14-N295TX HP PAVILION 15-N000 15-N000EIA 15-N000EU 15-N000SH 15-N000SIA 15-N000SP 15-N000SQ 15-N000SR 15-N000SS 15-N000SX 15-N001EB 15-N001ED 15-N001EO 15-N001LA 15-N001SB 15-N001SH 15-N001SK 15-N001SM 15-N001SO 15-N001SQ 15-N001SR 15-N001SS 15-N001SU 15-N001SX 15-N001TX 15-N002ED 15-N002EIA 15-N002EJ 15-N002ET 15-N002EU 15-N002LA 15-N002SH 15-N002SIA 15-N002SK 15-N002SM 15-N002SO 15-N002SQ 15-N002SR 15-N002ST 15-N002SU 15-N002SX 15-N002TU 15-N002TX 15-N003EB 15-N003EIA 15-N003EK 15-N003SB 15-N003SC 15-N003SH 15-N003SIA 15-N003SK 15-N003SQ 15-N003SR 15-N003ST 15-N003SX 15-N003TU 15-N003TX 15-N004EH 15-N004EJ 15-N004EU 15-N004SP 15-N004SR 15-N004ST 15-N004SX 15-N004TU 15-N004TX 15-N005EH 15-N005EJ 15-N005EK 15-N005EZ 15-N005SA 15-N005SC 15-N005SG 15-N005SK 15-N005SP 15-N005SR 15-N005SS 15-N005ST 15-N005SX 15-N005TX 15-N006AX 15-N006EK 15-N006SA 15-N006SK 15-N006SM 15-N006SR 15-N006SS 15-N006SV 15-N007AX 15-N007EE 15-N007EG 15-N007EJ 15-N007EP 15-N007EZ 15-N007SE 15-N007SG 15-N007SP 15-N007SR 15-N007SS 15-N007TU 15-N008AU 15-N008AX 15-N008ED 15-N008EK 15-N008EX 15-N008SB 15-N008SC 15-N008SK 15-N008SO 15-N008SR 15-N008SS 15-N008SX 15-N008TU 15-N008TX 15-N009AU 15-N009AX 15-N009ED 15-N009EE 15-N009EK 15-N009EX 15-N009SE 15-N009SR 15-N009SX 15-N009TU 15-N009TX 15-N010AU 15-N010AX 15-N010EK 15-N010EM 15-N010EZ 15-N010SK 15-N010SR 15-N010TU 15-N010TX 15-N010US 15-N011AU 15-N011AX 15-N011EK 15-N011SC 15-N011SK 15-N011SR 15-N011SS 15-N011TU 15-N011TX 15-N012AU 15-N012EG 15-N012NR 15-N012SG 15-N012SQ 15-N012SS 15-N012ST 15-N012TU 15-N012TX 15-N013AU 15-N013AX 15-N013CA 15-N013EE 15-N013EK 15-N013ER 15-N013SA 15-N013SE 15-N013SK 15-N013SQ 15-N013ST 15-N013TX 15-N014AU 15-N014AX 15-N014ED 15-N014EE 15-N014ES 15-N014NR 15-N014SA 15-N014SE 15-N014SK 15-N014SS 15-N014ST 15-N014TU 15-N014TX 15-N015AX 15-N015EE 15-N015ET 15-N015SE 15-N015SO 15-N015ST 15-N015TU 15-N016AX 15-N016EZ 15-N016TU 15-N017AX 15-N017EO 15-N017SG 15-N017SS 15-N017TU 15-N017TX 15-N018AX 15-N018EA 15-N018SA 15-N018SC 15-N018SS 15-N018TU 15-N018TX 15-N019AX 15-N019TU 15-N019TX 15-N019WM 15-N020AX 15-N020CA 15-N020EE 15-N020NR 15-N020SE 15-N020SG 15-N020SIA 15-N020TU 15-N020TX 15-N021EE 15-N021SE 15-N021SF 15-N021SG 15-N021TX 15-N022SX 15-N022TX 15-N023SM 15-N023SY 15-N023TU 15-N024EE 15-N024ES 15-N024SE 15-N024SM 15-N024SS 15-N024TU 15-N024TX 15-N025EB 15-N025EE 15-N025SE 15-N025SW 15-N025SX 15-N025TU 15-N025TX 15-N026EO 15-N026ER 15-N026SA 15-N026SE 15-N026SR 15-N026TU 15-N027EE 15-N027ER 15-N027SE 15-N027SR 15-N027SX 15-N027TX 15-N028EE 15-N028EG 15-N028ER 15-N028SE 15-N028SG 15-N028SR 15-N028TU 15-N028TX 15-N028US 15-N029EE 15-N029ER 15-N029SF 15-N029SG 15-N029SR 15-N029SS 15-N029SX 15-N029SY 15-N029TU 15-N029TX 15-N030CA 15-N030EE 15-N030EZ 15-N030SA 15-N030SE 15-N030SM 15-N030SR 15-N030TX 15-N030US 15-N031EA 15-N031EE 15-N031ER 15-N031SA 15-N031SE 15-N031SF 15-N031SG 15-N031SR 15-N031TX 15-N032EA 15-N032EE 15-N032ER 15-N032SA 15-N032SE 15-N032SF 15-N032SO 15-N032SR 15-N032TX 15-N033CA 15-N033EA 15-N033EG 15-N033ER 15-N033SA 15-N033SR 15-N034CA 15-N034EA 15-N034EE 15-N034ER 15-N034SA 15-N034SE 15-N034SF 15-N034SO 15-N034SR 15-N034TU 15-N035EE 15-N035ER 15-N035SE 15-N035SF 15-N035SO 15-N035SR 15-N035TU 15-N036SF 15-N037EE 15-N037EO 15-N037EZ 15-N037SE 15-N037SF 15-N037SO 15-N037TU 15-N037TX 15-N038EE 15-N038EO 15-N038ER 15-N038SA 15-N038SF 15-N038SO 15-N038SX 15-N038TU 15-N039EA 15-N039SE 15-N039SF 15-N039TU 15-N039TX 15-N040EA 15-N040SE 15-N040SX 15-N040TU 15-N041EA 15-N041EE 15-N041SE 15-N041SF 15-N041SO 15-N042EE 15-N042EF 15-N042SA 15-N042SE 15-N042SX 15-N042TX 15-N043EE 15-N043SE 15-N043SF 15-N043SX 15-N044TX 15-N045EG 15-N045SF 15-N045TU 15-N045TX 15-N046EZ 15-N046SF 15-N046SO 15-N046TX 15-N047EG 15-N047SF 15-N047SO 15-N047TU 15-N047TX 15-N048CA 15-N048EF 15-N048NR 15-N048SR 15-N048SX 15-N048TU 15-N049TU 15-N050EB 15-N050ED 15-N050EG 15-N050EZ 15-N050SC 15-N050SG 15-N050SH 15-N050SQ 15-N050SR 15-N050SS 15-N051EU 15-N051SC 15-N051SH 15-N051SM 15-N051SO 15-N051SR 15-N051SS 15-N051SU 15-N051TX 15-N052ES 15-N052SC 15-N052SH 15-N052SP 15-N052SR 15-N052SS 15-N052TX 15-N053SC 15-N053SR 15-N054ET 15-N054SC 15-N054SF 15-N054SR 15-N054ST 15-N054TX 15-N055EP 15-N055SC 15-N055SM 15-N055SR 15-N055ST 15-N055TX 15-N056EB 15-N056ED 15-N056ER 15-N056EZ 15-N056SC 15-N056SF 15-N056SO 15-N056SR 15-N057EB 15-N057SB 15-N057SC 15-N057SO 15-N057SR 15-N057SS 15-N058SR 15-N058SS 15-N059EE 15-N059SE 15-N059SF 15-N059SR 15-N060CA 15-N060ER 15-N060NR 15-N060SR 15-N061EF 15-N061SR 15-N062SR 15-N063SO 15-N063SR 15-N064NR 15-N064SO 15-N064SR 15-N064SZ 15-N065EZ 15-N065NR 15-N065SB 15-N065SR 15-N065SW 15-N066EZ 15-N066SB 15-N066SO 15-N066SR 15-N066US 15-N067EO 15-N067NR 15-N067SG 15-N067SO 15-N067SR 15-N068SR 15-N069EB 15-N069NR 15-N069SB 15-N069SI 15-N069SO 15-N069SR 15-N070SR 15-N070SW 15-N071SR 15-N072SF 15-N072SG 15-N072SR 15-N072SY 15-N073EG 15-N073EO 15-N073SO 15-N073SR 15-N075ED 15-N075EO 15-N075ER 15-N075SO 15-N076ED 15-N077ED 15-N077EO 15-N077SO 15-N078ED 15-N078ER 15-N078SR 15-N079EO 15-N079ER 15-N079SR 15-N080ER 15-N080SF 15-N080SR 15-N080SW 15-N081ER 15-N081SF 15-N081SR 15-N083EA 15-N083EG 15-N083SA 15-N084CA 15-N084SF 15-N087ER 15-N087EZ 15-N087SR 15-N088EF 15-N088ER 15-N088SR 15-N089ER 15-N089SG 15-N089SR 15-N090ER 15-N090SF 15-N090SG 15-N090SR 15-N091ER 15-N091SR 15-N093ER 15-N093SR 15-N095ER 15-N095SR 15-N096EA 15-N096NR 15-N096SA 15-N096ST 15-N097EA 15-N097EG 15-N097NR 15-N097SA 15-N098EA 15-N098SA 15-N099ED HP PAVILION 15-N100 15-N151XX HP PAVILION 15-N200 15-N200EB 15-N200ED 15-N200EJ 15-N200NR 15-N200NX 15-N200SB 15-N200SC 15-N200SF 15-N200SH 15-N200SI 15-N200SIA 15-N200SK 15-N200SS 15-N200ST 15-N201AX 15-N201EE 15-N201EO 15-N201NR 15-N201SA 15-N201SE 15-N201SK 15-N201SO 15-N201SR 15-N201SS 15-N201ST 15-N201SX 15-N202AU 15-N202EE 15-N202EJ 15-N202EO 15-N202NR 15-N202NX 15-N202SE 15-N202SF 15-N202SIA 15-N202SP 15-N202SR 15-N202SX 15-N203AU 15-N203AX 15-N203ED 15-N203EE 15-N203EX 15-N203NF 15-N203NR 15-N203NX 15-N203SA 15-N203SE 15-N203SH 15-N203SK 15-N203SR 15-N203ST 15-N203SX 15-N203TU 15-N203TX 15-N204AU 15-N204EJ 15-N204EO 15-N204ES 15-N204EX 15-N204NR 15-N204SA 15-N204SB 15-N204SC 15-N204SK 15-N204SR 15-N204ST 15-N204SX 15-N204TU 15-N204TX 15-N205EB 15-N205EH 15-N205EJ 15-N205NR 15-N205SA 15-N205SB 15-N205SC 15-N205SF 15-N205SIA 15-N205SK 15-N205SR 15-N205SS 15-N205ST 15-N205SV 15-N205SX 15-N205TU 15-N205TX 15-N206AX 15-N206EO 15-N206NR 15-N206SA 15-N206SC 15-N206SF 15-N206SK 15-N206SO 15-N206SP 15-N206SR 15-N206ST 15-N206SX 15-N206TX 15-N207AU 15-N207AX 15-N207EO 15-N207ER 15-N207EZ 15-N207NR 15-N207SC 15-N207SF 15-N207SG 15-N207SO 15-N207SR 15-N207ST 15-N207SY 15-N207TU 15-N208AU 15-N208EIA 15-N208ES 15-N208NR 15-N208SA 15-N208SIA 15-N208SK 15-N208SR 15-N208ST 15-N208TU 15-N208TX 15-N209AU 15-N209AX 15-N209EIA 15-N209EJ 15-N209ER 15-N209NR 15-N209SA 15-N209SF 15-N209SIA 15-N209SK 15-N209SO 15-N209SR 15-N209TX 15-N210AX 15-N210EB 15-N210ED 15-N210EE 15-N210EIA 15-N210EO 15-N210ES 15-N210EZ 15-N210NR 15-N210SB 15-N210SE 15-N210SF 15-N210SIA 15-N210SO 15-N210SR 15-N210ST 15-N210SY 15-N210TU 15-N210TX 15-N210US 15-N211AX 15-N211DX 15-N211EE 15-N211EO 15-N211ND 15-N211NR 15-N211SE 15-N211SF 15-N211SG 15-N211SO 15-N211SR 15-N211SV 15-N211TU 15-N211TX 15-N212AU 15-N212AX 15-N212ER 15-N212NR 15-N212SF 15-N212SG 15-N212SIA 15-N212SK 15-N212SR 15-N212SV 15-N212TU 15-N212TX 15-N213AU 15-N213AX 15-N213CA 15-N213ED 15-N213EG 15-N213EO 15-N213NR 15-N213SG 15-N213SIA 15-N213SO 15-N213SX 15-N213TU 15-N213TX 15-N214AX 15-N214EO 15-N214ES 15-N214NF 15-N214NR 15-N214SI 15-N214SO 15-N214SR 15-N214SX 15-N214TU 15-N214TX 15-N215AX 15-N215ED 15-N215EE 15-N215EZ 15-N215NR 15-N215SE 15-N215SF 15-N215SI 15-N215SK 15-N215SR 15-N215SX 15-N215TU 15-N215TX 15-N216AX 15-N216EE 15-N216EO 15-N216EZ 15-N216NR 15-N216SE 15-N216SF 15-N216SK 15-N216SO 15-N216ST 15-N216TU 15-N217AX 15-N217EO 15-N217NF 15-N217SA 15-N217SO 15-N217SX 15-N217TU 15-N218AX 15-N218EO 15-N218ES 15-N218SO 15-N218SX 15-N218TX 15-N219AX 15-N219EO 15-N219NR 15-N219SA 15-N219SF 15-N219SK 15-N219TX 15-N220AX 15-N220CA 15-N220EE 15-N220NR 15-N220SA 15-N220SE 15-N220SF 15-N220SK 15-N220SQ 15-N220TX 15-N221EE 15-N221EF 15-N221ER 15-N221SA 15-N221SE 15-N221SK 15-N221SO 15-N221SR 15-N221SV 15-N221TX 15-N222EA 15-N222SA 15-N222SM 15-N222SO 15-N222SZ 15-N222TU 15-N222TX 15-N223EO 15-N223ER 15-N223SA 15-N223SR 15-N223TU 15-N223TX 15-N224EG 15-N224SA 15-N224SG 15-N224TU 15-N225EE 15-N225ER 15-N225SE 15-N225SF 15-N225SO 15-N225SR 15-N225SW 15-N225TU 15-N225TX 15-N226EZ 15-N226SF 15-N226TU 15-N227NR 15-N227SF 15-N227TU 15-N228EO 15-N228ER 15-N228NR 15-N228SO 15-N228SR 15-N228TU 15-N228TX 15-N228US 15-N229EO 15-N229ER 15-N229NR 15-N229SA 15-N229SO 15-N229SR 15-N229SS 15-N229TU 15-N229TX 15-N230EE 15-N230ER 15-N230EZ 15-N230NR 15-N230SE 15-N230SR 15-N230SS 15-N230SW 15-N230TU 15-N230US 15-N231EE 15-N231ER 15-N231SE 15-N231SR 15-N232EE 15-N232ER 15-N232SE 15-N232SF 15-N233CA 15-N233SF 15-N233SR 15-N233TU 15-N234SA 15-N234TU 15-N234TX 15-N235EE 15-N235SA 15-N235SE 15-N235TU 15-N235TX 15-N236EZ 15-N236SE 15-N236SF 15-N236TU 15-N236TX 15-N237NR 15-N237SE 15-N237SF 15-N237TU 15-N237TX 15-N238EZ 15-N238NF 15-N238TU 15-N238TX 15-N239CA 15-N239NR 15-N239TU 15-N240EE 15-N240EO 15-N240NF 15-N240NR 15-N240SA 15-N240SE 15-N240SO 15-N240SX 15-N240TU 15-N240TX 15-N241EE 15-N241NF 15-N241NR 15-N241SE 15-N241TU 15-N241TX 15-N242EE 15-N242NR 15-N242SE 15-N242TU 15-N242TX 15-N243CL 15-N243EO 15-N243SA 15-N243SO 15-N243SX 15-N243TX 15-N244EO 15-N244EZ 15-N244SA 15-N244SO 15-N244TX 15-N245EE 15-N245NR 15-N245SA 15-N245SE 15-N245TX 15-N246EE 15-N246SA 15-N246SE 15-N246TX 15-N247EE 15-N247NF 15-N247SA 15-N247SE 15-N247TX 15-N248SA 15-N248TX 15-N249NR 15-N249TX 15-N250CA 15-N250EB 15-N250EU 15-N250EZ 15-N250NF 15-N250NR 15-N250SB 15-N250SE 15-N250SH 15-N250SIA 15-N250SK 15-N250SP 15-N250SR 15-N250SU 15-N250SY 15-N250TX 15-N251EO 15-N251EP 15-N251NR 15-N251SQ 15-N251SR 15-N251SS 15-N251SU 15-N251TX 15-N252NR 15-N252SC 15-N252SG 15-N252SQ 15-N252SS 15-N252SU 15-N252SV 15-N252SY 15-N252TX 15-N253ES 15-N253NF 15-N253NR 15-N253SR 15-N253SV 15-N253TX 15-N254ER 15-N254NR 15-N254SC 15-N254SQ 15-N254SR 15-N254TX 15-N255EB 15-N255NR 15-N255SA 15-N255SB 15-N255SC 15-N255SR 15-N255TX 15-N256SC 15-N256TX 15-N257EO 15-N257NR 15-N257SO 15-N257SR 15-N257TX 15-N258NR 15-N258SR 15-N258SS 15-N258ST 15-N258TX 15-N259NR 15-N259SE 15-N259SR 15-N259TX 15-N260EE 15-N260NR 15-N260SE 15-N260SR 15-N260TX 15-N261EO 15-N261ER 15-N261NR 15-N261SA 15-N261SR 15-N261ST 15-N261TX 15-N262EZ 15-N262SR 15-N262SS 15-N263EO 15-N263ES 15-N263NR 15-N263SC 15-N263SO 15-N263SR 15-N264NF 15-N264SC 15-N264SE 15-N264SS 15-N265EO 15-N265NF 15-N265SA 15-N265SM 15-N265SS 15-N265ST 15-N266EA 15-N266EZ 15-N266SA 15-N266SG 15-N266SM 15-N266SR 15-N266SS 15-N266TX 15-N267EA 15-N267EO 15-N267SA 15-N267SG 15-N267SO 15-N267SR 15-N267TX 15-N268EA 15-N268EO 15-N268ER 15-N268SA 15-N268SC 15-N268SR 15-N268TX 15-N269EB 15-N269EO 15-N269ER 15-N269SB 15-N269SI 15-N269SR 15-N269TX 15-N270EA 15-N270SA 15-N270TX 15-N271EA 15-N271NF 15-N271SE 15-N272SR 15-N272TX 15-N273EG 15-N273NF 15-N273SR 15-N273TX 15-N274EO 15-N274NF 15-N274SA 15-N274SR 15-N274TX 15-N275ER 15-N275EZ 15-N275SR 15-N275TX 15-N276EA 15-N276EZ 15-N276NF 15-N276SA 15-N276SR 15-N276TX 15-N277EO 15-N277ND 15-N277SR 15-N277TX 15-N278EA 15-N278ER 15-N278NF 15-N278SA 15-N278SR 15-N278TX 15-N279TX 15-N280NR 15-N280SW 15-N280TX 15-N281TX 15-N282NR 15-N282TX 15-N283NF 15-N283SG 15-N283TX 15-N284CA 15-N284EG 15-N284TX 15-N285EO 15-N285SG 15-N285SO 15-N285ST 15-N285TX 15-N286NF 15-N286SG 15-N286ST 15-N286TX 15-N287EZ 15-N287TX 15-N288ER 15-N288NR 15-N288SR 15-N288TX 15-N289ER 15-N289NF 15-N289NR 15-N289TX 15-N290EA 15-N290ER 15-N290NR 15-N290SA 15-N290SR 15-N290ST 15-N290TX 15-N291ER 15-N291NR 15-N291SR 15-N291TX 15-N292NR 15-N292SR 15-N292TX 15-N293NR 15-N293SR 15-N293TX 15-N294NR 15-N294TX 15-N295ER 15-N295TX 15-N296NR 15-N296TX 15-N297EA 15-N297EO 15-N297NR 15-N297SA 15-N297TX 15-N298EA 15-N298NR 15-N298SA 15-N298TX 15-N299EA 15-N299NR 15-N299SA 15-N299TX HP PAVILION 15-N300 15-N300TX 15-N301TX 15-N302TX 15-N304TX 15-N305TX 15-N306TX 15-N308TX HP PAVILION TOUCHSMART 14-N000 14-N001ST 14-N003AX 14-N003EIA 14-N003EK 14-N003SIA 14-N003SK 14-N004EIA 14-N004EJ 14-N004EK 14-N004SIA 14-N004SK 14-N006SA 14-N007EJ 14-N008SA 14-N009SA 14-N010SC 14-N011AU 14-N011AX 14-N011TX 14-N014NR 14-N018US 14-N019NR 14-N022SIA 14-N022TU 14-N023SIA 14-N023TU 14-N025TU 14-N026TU 14-N026TX 14-N027TU 14-N028CA 14-N039TU 14-N039TX 14-N040TU 14-N047CA 14-N048CA 14-N048TX 14-N049TX 14-N050TX 14-N053TX 14-N054TX 14-N055EA 14-N055SA 14-N056EA 14-N056SA 14-N064TX 14-N073CA HP PAVILION TOUCHSMART 14-N100 14-N151XX HP PAVILION TOUCHSMART 14-N200 14-N200SIA 14-N201EE 14-N201SE 14-N201SF 14-N202EE 14-N202SE 14-N203TX 14-N204SA 14-N204SF 14-N204TX 14-N205TX 14-N206SA 14-N209EJ 14-N218US 14-N221EA 14-N222TX 14-N223TX 14-N228CA 14-N228TX 14-N229LA 14-N229TX 14-N230TX 14-N232TX 14-N234TX 14-N242NF 14-N242TU 14-N243TU 14-N247TX 14-N248CA 14-N249TX 14-N256TX 14-N259TX 14-N296TX 14-N297TX HP PAVILION TOUCHSMART 14Z-N100 HP PAVILION TOUCHSMART 14Z-N200 HP PAVILION TOUCHSMART 15-N000 15-N001AU 15-N002AU 15-N003AU 15-N004AU 15-N005AU 15-N005AX 15-N005TU 15-N006AU 15-N006ED 15-N006SL 15-N006TU 15-N007AU 15-N007TX 15-N009EO 15-N010EO 15-N010SG 15-N010SL 15-N011EL 15-N011NR 15-N012AX 15-N013DX 15-N013TU 15-N015SL 15-N015TX 15-N016TX 15-N018SO 15-N019EA 15-N019EO 15-N019SA 15-N020EF 15-N020EL 15-N020SL 15-N020SO 15-N020SS 15-N020US 15-N021SS 15-N021TU 15-N022SA 15-N022SO 15-N022TU 15-N023CL 15-N023EE 15-N023EL 15-N023ES 15-N023SA 15-N023SE 15-N023SL 15-N023SS 15-N023TX 15-N024NR 15-N024SA 15-N025EL 15-N025EO 15-N025SA 15-N025SG 15-N025SL 15-N026SL 15-N026SS 15-N026TX 15-N027SA 15-N027SL 15-N028SS 15-N029EO 15-N029SO 15-N030SO 15-N030TU 15-N031TU 15-N033EL 15-N033SL 15-N033TX 15-N034NR 15-N034TX 15-N035TX 15-N036TX 15-N037CL 15-N040CA 15-N040 S 15-N041CA 15-N042SL 15-N043SL 15-N044NR 15-N044TU 15-N046SL 15-N046US 15-N047CL 15-N048SL 15-N049SL 15-N049SO 15-N050EL 15-N050SF 15-N050SL 15-N052SL 15-N053EL 15-N053SF 15-N053SL 15-N054SV 15-N055EZ 15-N057SL 15-N058ED 15-N060SF 15-N060SS 15-N061NR 15-N061SS 15-N062NR 15-N062SF 15-N062SL 15-N063SF 15-N063SL 15-N064SF 15-N065EA 15-N065SA 15-N066SL 15-N067CA 15-N067SL 15-N068EL 15-N068NR 15-N068SL 15-N070EA 15-N070SA 15-N071NR 15-N071SF 15-N071SL 15-N073SL 15-N077SL 15-N078SL 15-N080CA 15-N080EL 15-N082SF 15-N082SL 15-N084SL 15-N085ED 15-N086SL 15-N087NR 15-N088CA 15-N088NR 15-N088SZ 15-N089NR 15-N090EA 15-N090NR 15-N090SA 15-N091NR 15-N092EL 15-N092NR 15-N093EL 15-N093NR 15-N094EL 15-N094NR 15-N095EL 15-N096EL 15-N097EL 15-N098EL 15-N098NR 15-N099EL HP PAVILION TOUCHSMART 15-N200 15-N200EA 15-N200EE 15-N200SA 15-N200SE 15-N201TU 15-N204AX 15-N204ED 15-N205AX 15-N206SL 15-N206TU 15-N207CL 15-N207EA 15-N207SA 15-N207SL 15-N208AX 15-N208SF 15-N209ED 15-N209TU 15-N210AU 15-N210DX 15-N211AU 15-N211SK 15-N212ED 15-N212SI 15-N212SL 15-N213SI 15-N213SK 15-N213SL 15-N215EO 15-N215SO 15-N216TX 15-N216US 15-N217NR 15-N217TX 15-N218NR 15-N218TU 15-N219SL 15-N219TU 15-N220SS 15-N220TU 15-N220US 15-N221NR 15-N221TU 15-N222NF 15-N222NR 15-N223NR 15-N223SF 15-N223SL 15-N224TX 15-N225NR 15-N226NR 15-N226TX 15-N227EO 15-N228SL 15-N228SS 15-N229NF 15-N230CA 15-N230SA 15-N230SF 15-N230SL 15-N230TX 15-N231SF 15-N231SL 15-N231TU 15-N231TX 15-N232NR 15-N232SA 15-N232TU 15-N232TX 15-N233SL 15-N233TX 15-N234EG 15-N234SL 15-N235NR 15-N235SL 15-N236NR 15-N236SL 15-N237EZ 15-N238NR 15-N239SL 15-N240CA 15-N240SL 15-N240US 15-N241CA 15-N241SL 15-N243EL 15-N243NR 15-N243SL 15-N244NR 15-N244SL 15-N246SL 15-N246US 15-N247NR 15-N247SL 15-N248NR 15-N248SL 15-N249SL 15-N250SV 15-N251EL 15-N251SA 15-N252SA 15-N253SA 15-N253SL 15-N256SA 15-N256SB 15-N257SL 15-N259EG 15-N259SG 15-N259SL 15-N260SS 15-N260US 15-N261SS 15-N262NR 15-N262SL 15-N262TX 15-N263SA 15-N263TX 15-N264EL 15-N264NR 15-N264TX 15-N265NR 15-N265TX 15-N266NR 15-N267CA 15-N267EI 15-N267EL 15-N267NF 15-N267NR 15-N267SI 15-N268NR 15-N268SL 15-N269NR 15-N270NR 15-N270SG 15-N271NR 15-N271TX 15-N272NR 15-N273EA 15-N273SA 15-N274CA 15-N277NR 15-N278NR 15-N279NR 15-N280CA 15-N280US 15-N281EA 15-N281NR 15-N282NF 15-N283NR 15-N284NR 15-N284SO 15-N285NR 15-N286NR 15-N287CL 15-N287NR 15-N288CA 15-N288NF 15-N293CL HP PAVILION TOUCHSMART 15-N300 15-N303TX HP PAVILION TOUCHSMART 15T-N100 HP PAVILION TOUCHSMART 15T-N200 HP PAVILION TOUCHSMART 15Z-N100 HP PAVILION TOUCHSMART 15Z-N200 HP PAVILION TOUCHSMART ULTRABOOK 14-N000 14-N002EX 14-N002SX 14-N005EO 14-N005SS 14-N006ES 14-N006SS 14-N012EX 14-N013SA 14-N019EE 14-N019EJ 14-N019SE 14-N020ED 14-N020EE 14-N020SE 14-N030ED 14-N032TX 14-N033TX 14-N034TX 14-N041TX 14-N042TX 14-N044TX 14-N050SF 14-N052SF 14-N053EF 14-N054EF 14-N060SF 14-N072TX 14-N090SF HP PAVILION TOUCHSMART ULTRABOOK 14-N200 14-N203SE 14-N204SE 14-N205SF 14-N206EJ 14-N206SF 14-N206SS 14-N209EX 14-N212EX 14-N220ED 14-N230ED 14-N255EO HP PAVILION ULTRABOOK TOUCH 14-N000 14-N060BR 14-N070BR

Auckland Up to 25KG – $5.
North Island Up to 10KG – $15.
South Island Up to 5KG – $15 & Up to 10KG – $25.
National Wide Up to 2KG – $8.5

Over sized products will custom quote.
(Price not inc. GST and not include rural area)