OEM Toshiba R840 PA3831U Battery

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Part Number:
PA3831U-1BRS, PA3832U-1BRS, PA3833U-1BRS, PA3929U-1BRS, PA3930U-1BRS PABAS249
Compatible Laptop Model:
Toshiba Portege R700 Series
Portege R700,            Portege R700-01B,    Portege R700-02B,
Portege R700-11E,     Portege R700-13K,     Portege R700-155,
Portege R700-15Q,    Portege R700-15R,     Portege R700-15T,
Portege R700-15U,    Portege R700-15V,    Portege R700-15W,
Portege R700-15X,    Portege R700-160,    Portege R700-172,
Portege R700-173,    Portege R700-174,    Portege R700-17W,
Portege R700-17X,     Portege R700-17Z,    Portege R700-181,
Portege R700-182,    Portege R700-183,    Portege R700-184,
Portege R700-185,    Portege R700-194,    Portege R700-19H,
Portege R700-19L,    Portege R700-1CQ,     Portege R700-1DC,
Portege R700-1DD,     Portege R700-1DE,     Portege R700-1DF,
Portege R700-1DG,     Portege R700-1DH,     Portege R700-1DJ,
Portege R700-1F3,     Portege R700-1F4,     Portege R700-1F5,
Portege R700-1F6,     Portege R700-1F7,     Portege R700-K01,
Portege R700-K02,     Portege R700-K03,     Portege R700-K05,
Portege R700-Oracle,   Portege R700-S1310,    Portege R700-S1311,
Portege R700-S1312,    Portege R700-S1320,   Portege R700-S1321,
Portege R700-S1322,    Portege R700-S1322W,  Portege R700-S1330,
Portege R700-S1331,    Portege R700-S1332W,  Portege R700-ST1300,
Portege R700-ST1303

Toshiba Portege R705 Series
Portege R705-P25,    Portege R705-P35,    Portege R705-P40,
Portege R705-P41,    Portege R705-P42,    Portege R705-ST2N03,
Portege R705-ST2N04

Toshiba Portege R830 Series
Portege R830,       Portege R830        PT320A-03N007,
Portege R830 PT321A-01K002,         Portege R830 PT321A-01L002,
Portege R830 PT321A-01M002,         Portege R830-00R,
Portege R830-00S,    Portege R830-01G,     Portege R830-01H,
Portege R830-01J,     Portege R830-01K,     Portege R830-10Q,
Portege R830-10R,    Portege R830-10U,     Portege R830-10V,
Portege R830-110,     Portege R830-112,      Portege R830-118,
Portege R830-11Q,    Portege R830-137,      Portege R830-138,
Portege R830-139,     Portege R830-13C,      Portege R830-S8310,
Portege R830-S8320, Portege R830-S8330, Portege R830-ST8300

Toshiba Portege R835 Series
Portege R835-P50X,     Portege R835-P55X,
Portege R835-P56X,     Portege R835-P70,    Portege R835-P75,
Portege R835-ST3N01

Toshiba Tecra R700 Series
Tecra R700-006,        Tecra R700-007,    Tecra R700-00C,
Tecra R700-00E,      Tecra R700-00F,     Tecra R700-00G,
Tecra R700-00H,      Tecra R700-00J,    Tecra R700-00K,
Tecra R700-00L

Toshiba Tecra R840 Series
Tecra R840,              Tecra R840 PT429A-006004,
Tecra R840 PT429A-00L004,    Tecra R840-00G,
Tecra R840-00K,     Tecra R840-00L,         Tecra R840-00U,
Tecra R840-00V,     Tecra R840-012,         Tecra R840-017,
Tecra R840-10N,     Tecra R840-10Q,        Tecra R840-10Z,
Tecra R840-11E,     Tecra R840-12F,          Tecra R840-S8410,
Tecra R840-S8411, Tecra R840-S8420,     Tecra R840-S8430,
Tecra R840-S8440, Tecra R840-ST8400,     Tecra R840-S8450,
Tecra R840-ST8401


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North Island Up to 10KG – $15.
South Island Up to 5KG – $15 & Up to 10KG – $25.
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