OEM Lenovo T40 Battery

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Compatible Models:

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ThinkPad R50e-1845 ThinkPad R50e-1846 ThinkPad R50e-1847


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ThinkPad R51e 1844 ThinkPad R51e-1860 ThinkPad R51e-1846


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ThinkPad R51e-1845


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ThinkPad T40 Series
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ThinkPadT43, ThinkPadT43P,ThinkPadT43-1871, ThinkPadT43-1876, ThinkPadT43-2668, ThinkPadT43P-2668




TinkPad R50 Series
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ThinkPad R50 1833  ThinkPad R50 1836  ThinkPad R50 1840  ThinkPad R50 1841
ThinkPad R50 2883  ThinkPad R50 2887  ThinkPad R50 2888  ThinkPad R50 2889
ThinkPad R50 2894  ThinkPad R50 2895
ThinkPad R50p Series
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ThinkPad R50p 1832 ThinkPad R50p 1833 ThinkPad R50p 1836
ThinkPad R50p 1840 ThinkPad R50p 1841 ThinkPad R50p 2883
ThinkPad R50p 2887 ThinkPad R50p 2888 ThinkPad R50p 2889
ThinkPad R50p 2894 ThinkPad R50p 2895

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